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A credit report is an important business intelligence resource which allows you to understand a company in depth. Containing both primary and secondary research, the credit report includes financial information and analysis, including indicators such as financial health and payment credibility.

Insight into a company’s credit history can be a valuable tool when screening potential clients or vendors. A company’s credit history can give insight into their payment history, financial status, and overal stability.

What is a credit report?

A: A credit report is a record of your credit history that includes information about:

Your identity.  Your name, address, full or partial Social Security number, date of birth, and possibly employment information.

Your existing credit. Information about credit that you have, such as your credit card accounts, mortgages, car loans, and student loans. It may also include the terms of your credit, how much you owe your creditors, and your history of making payments.

Your public record. Information about any court judgments against you, any tax

liens against your property, or whether you have filed for bankruptcy.

Inquiries about you.  A list of companies or persons who recently requested a copy of your report.

Why is a credit report important?

A: Your credit report is important because lenders, insurers, banks , traders, employers,and others may obtain your credit report from credit bureaus to assess how you manage financial responsibilities.

Lenders  may use your credit report information to decide whether you can get a loan and the terms you get for a loan (for example, the interest rate they will charge you).

Banks & Insurance companies may use the information to decide whether you can get insurance and to set the rates you will pay.

Employers may use your credit report, if you give them permission to do so, to decide whether to hire you.

Trading companies may use information in your credit report to decide whether to provide services and gods to you.

Landlords may use the information to determine whether to rent an apartment to you.

Why KGT?

From a credit manager’s perspective, good risk management involves taking risks. KGT assists its members in calculating the risk, by providing access to quality credit reports. Seek out the most up-to-date financial information available on international clients. KGT identifies the best sources of information from agencies and local “on the ground” suppliers who have been carefully vetted for over 50 years. KGT Proven track record with numerous numbers of clients attests to our due diligence and the qualified information in-country or by region available in our credit reports.

These freshly investigated reports are suitable for any size of credit decision or evaluation. KGT Credit reports typically contain:

  • Verifying the trade name vs. the registered name
  • Historical information, address, shareholders/directors, capital and business activities
  • Number of employees
  • Credit risk rating
  • Trade and bank information
  • Credit limit recommendations
  • Other subsidiaries
  • Financial information
  • Private company vs public company
  • Searched against international crime watch lists, convictions and fraud.

To ensure the quality of our international credit reports, we incorporate the following procedures:

– Validate all information by conducting interviews with the subject companies.
– Verify trade licenses and registrations by calling local government sources.
– Contact trade and bank references supplied on the order.

  • No need to enter into a high-volume contract
  • We use 50+ years of customer feedback to find you the best information supplier
  • Global coverage
  • Customized reports with answers to specific questions
  • Currency Trend Analysis—a unique —– added value
  • Top independent credit reporting resources
  • Trade and bank reference checks at no additional cost
  • Credit recommendations included with report
  • Questions accepted for two weeks after receipt date of report
  • Choice of delivery speeds—all reports sent via email

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  • Over 15000 reports sent
  • Over 400 satisfied customers around the globe
  • Lowest turnaround time in the region.

We have an immense reporting network in following countries.

Local Credit Report

The Company acts as consultants to facilitate banks and financial institutions in the professional assessment of credit worthiness and other associated credit & market risks of the customer / borrower (companies, firms & sole proprietors) including the credibility or behavior of the borrower related to the re-payment of present or past bank-credit financing and the overall Company / borrower business reputation in the market / industry.

The key fundamentals are as follows:

  • Corporate profile. History, nature of business activities, associations, Shareholdings, Chief Executive, Legal advisor, Auditors,   etc.
  • Business activities. products/services, sales territory, customers, suppliers, competitors, business strategy, target market,  buying/selling  terms,  employees strength, operational status, Director(s) / Partner(s) / Proprietor profile i.e., shareholding, involvement in business, status, etc.
  • Financing facilities availed detail.
  • Market reputation / SWOT analysis and court cases (if any).
  • Observation & Problems (if any).
  • Financial information along with ratio analysis.

Local Credit Report enables the Bank to have a 3rd party independent view about the borrower’s credit worthiness, repayment capacity and current business status in terms of appropriate credit related decision support mechanism.

Turnaround Time: 24 to 48 Hours – after/upon receipt of relevant documents from the concerned financial institution.

SECP Related Services

Search Report

Under these services the Company acts as consultants and conducts search of registered & unregistered charges and facilitates banks to have exact standing or listing of Company assets mortgage / charge details, whereby, the source of information is the Company records being maintained at SECP. Further, in search reporting we provide details of charges in four different formats i.e. bank wise, security wise, date wise and satisfied charges.

Charge Registration

Under these services the Company acts as consultants to facilitate banks in preparation and submission of relevant documents and registration of charge with SECP. However, our services scope includes the creation of charge, modification of charge, and satisfaction / vacation of charge.

Certified True Copies

Under these services the Company acts as consultants to facilitate banks in providing Certified True Copies of corporate documents available in the records of SECP.

Corporate Documentation Submission

Under these services the Company acts as consultants to facilitate corporate institutions in providing services of preparing and submission of mandatory documents like incorporation documents, periodic documents like Form – A, Form – 29, etc. with SECP.

Income Estimation Services

K.G. Traders acts as consultants to facilitate banks and financial institutions by conducting and preparing the professional assessment / income estimation & financial appraisal of salaried and business individuals having single or multiple sources of income along with information about the applicant personal and credit characteristics, character, general reputation, and lifestyle. The key fundamentals are as follows:

  • Existence of the applicant in business(s) for a given minimum period of time,
  • Applicant’s involvement in the said business(s),
  • Status and percentage share of the applicant in the business and its profit and loss,
  • Business gross revenues, direct costs, effect of inventories and allied business expenses,
  • Personal information like household expenses, number of children, education expenses of children, number of servants and their salary, number of vehicles, etc., Investment and properties.

Income Estimation enables the Bank to have a 3rd party independent view about the Borrower’s credit worthiness, repayment capacity and calculating debt burden ratio (“DBR”) accordingly.

Market Check Report

K.G. Traders uses a plethora of various diversified research and verification techniques to conduct market research and provides reliable market check reports to its clients. This information is gathered by outsourced information by the SECP, competitors, products, market comments, and from the client’s buyers and suppliers.

  • Information from Buyers and Suppliers
  • Payment behavior
  • Market Reputation
  • The Client’s line of business
  • Company Profile