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International Business Reporting


International Business Report

In an era where cross country trade and investment is the driving factor for businesses, authentic information is crucial. Precise sectorial or company reports benefit companies understand and expand their markets, improve their sourcing chain, target their investments and discover the trends affecting their industry around the world.

Insight into a company’s credit history can be a valuable tool when screening potential clients or vendors. A credit report is an important business intelligence resource which allows you to understand a company in depth. Containing both primary and secondary research, the credit report includes financial information and analysis, including indicators such as financial health and payment credibility.

International Business Reports from K.G. Traders

From a credit manager’s perspective, good risk management involves taking risks. KG Traders assists its customers in calculating the risk, by providing access to quality credit reports. Seek out the most up-to-date financial information available on international clients. KG Traders identifies the best sources of information from agencies and local “on the ground” suppliers who have been carefully vetted for over 50 years. Our proven track record with numerous numbers of clients attests to our due diligence and the qualified information in-country or by region available in our credit reports. Whether you represents a company located outside the Pakistan, or you are representing a Pakistani company seeking to conduct businesses with foreign companies, we have solutions for all.

These freshly investigated reports are suitable for any size of credit decision or evaluation. KGT Credit reports typically contain:

  • Verifying the trade name vs. the registered name
  • Historical information, address, shareholders/directors, capital and business activities
  • Number of employees
  • Credit risk rating
  • Trade and bank information
  • Credit limit recommendations
  • Other subsidiaries
  • Financial information
  • Private company vs public company
  • Searched against international crime watch lists, convictions and fraud.

To ensure the quality of our international credit reports, we incorporate the following procedures:

– Validate all information by conducting interviews with the subject companies.
– Verify trade licenses and registrations by calling local government sources.
– Contact trade and bank references supplied on the order.

  • No need to enter into a high-volume contract
  • We use 50+ years of customer feedback to find you the best information supplier
  • Global coverage
  • Customized reports with answers to specific questions
  • Currency Trend Analysis—a unique —– added value
  • Top independent credit reporting resources
  • Trade and bank reference checks at no additional cost
  • Credit recommendations included with report
  • Questions accepted for two weeks after receipt date of report
  • Choice of delivery speeds—all reports sent via email

We have an immense reporting network in following countries.

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